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B-9000 Pump Systems The B-9000 series pump systems are ideal for a wide variety of chemical metering applications. Constructed from 400 series stainless steel, this family of single stream pumps is ideal for mildly corrosive and/or abrasive fluids at process temperatures up to 700 0F. The B-9000 metering pumps are rated to 1000 psi and flows to 18,000 cc/min.

H-9000 Pump Systems The H-9000 series pump systems offer the same benefits as the B-9000 plus added protection against abrasion. Constructed of tool steel, the H-9000 metering pumps provides extra abrasion resistance and can be used at process temperatures up to 950 0F.

C-9000 Pump Systems The C-9000 series were designed specifically for corrosive and/or non-lubricating fluids. Years of research, development and testing have resulted in the use of special corrosion resistant materials. The pump systems are rated for flow rates up to 1200 cc/min, temperatures up to 212 0F, and pressures to 1000 psi.

9000 Mini System The Mini System features any 9000 series pump mounted on a compact system using Compumotor brand stepper motors and controllers. The drive and motor are CE and UL compliant ideal for European and other international markets.

Submersible Pump Systems The submersible pump systems are ideal for metering high viscosity fluids. Submersing the pump directly into process fluids eliminates losses associated NPSHA and helps to prevent cavitation. Shaft sealing issues and pump heating problems are also eliminated.

B-Series Pump Systems The B-Series pump systems remain the workhorse for chemical metering applications. Developed in 1925, these gear driven pumps are available in a variety of configurations resulting in ultimate system flexibility. These pump systems are capable of pressures to 3000 psi, temperatures to 300 0F and flows to 36,000 cc/min.

H-Series Pump Systems Designed for high temperature and high viscosity service, the H-series pump systems are tough and wear resistant. Tool steel construction provides excellent wear resistance for metering slurries at pressures up to 4000 psi. These manifold mounted pumps are available in flow rates up to 27,000 cc/min and temperatures to 950 0F.

Magnetic Drive Pump Systems Leak-free pump systems designed for low viscosity fluids and high flow rates up to 5.7 gpm. Compact in size, these magnetic drive pump systems eliminate drive shaft seal leakage making them ideal for metering toxic or hazardous fluids.

PEP-II Pump Systems Primarily designed for polymer extrusion applications, the PEP-II series pump systems were created to reduce energy consumption and improve product quality in film, sheet, profile and many other extruded polymer applications. Constructed from a variety of high quality tool steels, these through ported pumps are rated to 10,000 psi and flows to 10,000 lbs/hr.

Custom Pump/System Packages Zenith has been designing and manufacturing customs pumps and systems since 1926. Extensive experience and application knowledge allow Zenith to provide complete packaged solutions from pumps to supply tanks. Save time and money by letting Zenith’s experience work for you.

Planetary Pumps Planetary metering pumps provide multiple output streams in a compact pump design. These pumps are ideal for fixed displacement applications requiring 2 or more outputs. This results is reduced cost and system size. The planetary series are constructed from a variety of high quality materials. The pumps are rated to 7250 psi, 650 0F and flows to 144 cc/min/port.

Spin Finish Pump Systems The Spin Finish pump systems are generally used for applying finish solutions onto synthetic fibers and monofilaments. Designed for low viscosity, low pressure and low temperature applications, the Spin Finish pumps are available from 2 to 24 output streams.